Turns out that Mom always did know best!

We certainly have seen the benefits that our participants experience by adopting a plant-based, whole-food approach to nutrition. We see reductions in blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and A1c, and even weight loss. These benefits are good to have regardless, but there are additional benefits that we don’t necessarily measure.

One of these additional benefits is that a plant-based, whole-food approach to nutrition can boost your immune system. Our immune system is our body’s defense system against parasites, bacteria, and viruses and is made up of a complex system of molecules, cells, and tissues. Even our skin plays a big role. How well our immune system works depends on many things including our stress level, how much we exercise, our overall health, and what we eat.

A plant-based, whole-food approach to nutrition helps us to get lots of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants without a lot of the fat that can actually inhibit our immune system from working its best. The more fruit and vegetables you can incorporate into your diet, the better your immune system can work.

Beefless Stew
Beefless Stew with soy curls for the plant-based protein.

Wondering how to start? One of the easier ways is to take a recipe you have always liked, and replace the animal protein with a plant-based protein. We have done that for you with this Beefless Stew recipe. Check it out and many more on our website. A plant-based, whole-food approach to nutrition is a tasty and healthy way to give your immune system a boost!

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