Continuing to help people make lifestyle changes that improve overall health.

At ‘Ekahi Health, we are centered on the belief that patient centered, team-based care, combined with education on how to make simple lifestyle choices can reverse the effects of most chronic conditions. We offer two team-based programs at our Waterfront location focused on heart disease and diabetes as well as team-based care with our physicians at Central Medical Center on the Kuakini campus.”

People with heart disease and diabetes are more susceptible to infections due to possibly having an immune system that is not functioning at its highest level. In fact, high stress situations can cause everyone’s immune system to be depressed.

‘Ekahi Health goes virtual with diabetes and heart disease programs

We teach people how to change the way they respond to stress, how to safely exercise more, and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, and the group aspect of our programs help people reduce their social isolation. Together, these lifestyle changes help people be healthier and happier – which in these stressful times is super important.

For more information call us at 777-4000 or click ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine or ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program. Call 777-4001 or click Central Medical Clinic for more information on our primary care physicians, team-based care, pediatricians, gynecologists, and surgeons on the Kuakini campus.