Personal Testimonies

Hear from physicians and from some of our recent program graduates.

Watch: Paul's Story

“I dropped my cholesterol by over 100 points – to me that’s better than breaking 100 in golf.”

Watch: Larry's Story

“It’s changed my life – I wanted to live longer, and I wanted to live without fear of heart problems.”

Watch: Roy's Story

“I feel more confident now – I know what I need to do to stay healthy for a very long time.”

Watch: Duane's Story

“My doctors were amazed”

Watch: Cohort 51's Story

“Triumph and Transformation”

Watch: Scott's Story

“I want to be the change that inspires my children”

Watch: Faith's Story

“Genetics were not on my side”

Watch: Creighton's Story

“My cholesterol readings have never been lower”

Watch: Dr. Kevin Lum's Story

“It’s such a great opportunity to get to the root of why people are getting sick”

Watch: Stephen's Story

“I was a dead man walking”

Watch: Louella's Story

“I have so much more energy!”

Watch: Dr. Nagoshi's Story

“Most physicians realize that it’s very difficult to get patients to make lifestyle change”

Read: Shelley's Story

“I made lifelong connections that I never thought I’d experience as an adult.”

Read: Inder's Story

“My daughter was absolutely shocked when I said I’m ready to build again.”

Watch: Jay's Story

“I’ve gotten off all my medications”

Watch: Cora's Story

“I finally found the Lifestyle Program that works!”

Watch: John's Story

“I’ve started my metamorphosis”

Read: June's Story

If you had bet me 6 months ago that I would be an active participant in the Ekahi Ornish program, have lost 55 pounds, and be only eating plant based foods, I would have bet against me.