Kyle Chang

Kyle Chang Product Manager - Technology Innovations

Kyle joined ‘Ekahi Health in 2018 as a Technology Intern, implementing and developing technology solutions to increase connectivity, improve current processes and assist in any technology advancements. He was later appointed as Product Manager – Technology Innovations, and is responsible for leading technology innovations and implementation of ‘Ekahi Health’s technology solutions. Prior to joining ‘Ekahi Health, Kyle co-founded a digital health company, HealthTechApps, Inc., which has made a huge impact on reducing concussion re-injuries for student athletes and helping physicians make better decisions with better data. Along with his startup, Kyle has worked as a Technology Developer for theStrategist, Inc., a health insurance consulting company based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Kyle is attending the University of Hawaii at Mānoa to pursue a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship. He also enjoys cooking, hanging out with friends and family, working out at the gym and canoe paddling.

"The only limit, is the one you set yourself." - Felix Baumgartner


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