June’s Story

If you had bet me 6 months ago that I would be an active participant in the Ekahi Ornish program, have lost 55 pounds, and be only eating plant based foods, I would have bet against me.

This January, my doctor suggested I start a statin drug because my triglycerides were 194, inflammation was 689 and 3.3 (60 year old female, overweight, sedentary, having bouts of APC heart arrhythmia, and already on blood pressure pills.) I asked if there was an alternative and he had heard that the Ekahi Ornish program had success through nutrition, exercise, group support and stress management. I took the statin samples, placed them on my dresser and called Ekahi Ornish the next day.

During the 9 week program two members of my cohort got off all diabetes medication, one off blood pressure meds, and two others felt huge relief from rheumatoid arthritis. At the end of the program I was down 18 pounds and not as winded on the treadmill. My husband started weight watchers online on the same day I started Ekahi Ornish and at this point was down 54 pounds.

Then, I joined the Alumni program. When I had a weight stall, Erin and Melissa were there to advise me on tweaking my diet, off came more weight. When I was more agile, Brett gave me specific exercises to help in my problem areas, off came more weight. My husband was now eating more of the foods I ate and was following the exercises Brett prescribed me. Three months in to the program my triglycerides were 133, inflammation at 388 and 1.4, NORMAL, no medication needed! Six month in, I have cut my blood pressure medication in half and my heart has settled down. 55 pounds lost, normal bmi for age, no metabolic syndrome risks.

I keep remembering what our instructors told us, “success comes with the support of like minded people”, I choose Ekahi Ornish’s Alumni Program.

It’s a small island…a good friend, and my mother-in-law, both finished the program before me. On Saturdays, you will find me on the treadmill catching up with my grade school friend, Carol. Two cousins finished the program. 

If you haven’t been back to the Alumni program I urge you to give it a try. There really is something for everyone! Need support with stress? I had a great time at Nancy’s “R.A.I.N. of Self Compassion” class. Group support? Join Bretts pizza party 8/4, from 3-5! Need to exercise? Brett and Lily “got you”.

Come say “hi”, you know everyone here! I am usually on the treadmill or rowing, nurse Ali and I think I have enough miles to have reached Maui by now. How is hubby doing? Look at our before and afters…..he is down 110 pounds! Special thanks to the entire Ekahi Ornish staff who have been wonderful and to our daughter, Denise, who paved the weight loss trail before us. #happyinbothhealthyinone