Roasted Garlic

By robertwalker      

November 17, 2016


2 cups whole garlic cloves skin removed

1/3 cup water

Parchment paper


1Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Spread garlic cloves over baking sheet. Add water.

2Lay another sheet of parchment loosely over the garlic cloves. (This will help hold in some of the steam, to ensure even cooking.)

3Roast garlic until largest cloves are soft enough to mash easily, and cloves have a light yellow to golden color.

4Start checking after 45 minutes; continue roasting garlic up to 15 more minutes if necessary, being careful not to let the cloves brown or burn.

5Remove the garlic from the oven.

6Let cool, then refrigerate until needed.

7To make Roasted Garlic Puree, mash cloves throughly with a fork, adding a small amount of water as necessary.

8For long storage, mash the cloves to a puree with a small amount of water, freeze in ice cube trays, and then store the cubes in freezer bags.


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