Green Apron HI makes it easy to order healthy food during COVID-19.

Chef Marc, founder and owner of Green Apron HI, is an amazing chef and valued ‘Ekahi Health partner. He has appeared on television with ‘Ekahi Health many times, supplies all of our food for the ‘Ekahi Ornish and ‘Ekahi Diabetes programs, and stocks the ‘Ekahi Cafe twice per day with healthy grab and go items! (See Chef Marc’s delicious big game snacks here.)

Today, with COVID-19, we have transformed the ‘Ekahi Cafe to a pick-up for pre-ordered meals. Anyone can order from Chef Marc via Green Apron HI’s site or by contacting Chef Marc here. To see Green Apron HI’s ‘No Contact’ menu for March 2020, please click here. We will post a new April 2020 No Contact menu shortly so you can start to plan ahead!

Green Apron HI Logo

Green Apron HI’s Chef Marc supplies all of the delicious and healthy food for ‘Ekahi Ornish and ‘Ekahi Diabetes!

Eat well with Chef Marc and Green Apron HI and keep your immune system strong. Stay healthy and safe! 

For more information click ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine or ‘Ekahi Diabetes Management Program. Click Central Medical Clinic for more information on our primary care physicians, team-based care, pediatricians, gynecologists, and surgeons on the Kuakini campus.